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Quit Wasting Money On Marketing

Instead, invest in successful marketing channels, which drive a measurable return and help grow your business. Without knowing your return from each marketing effort you’ll never be able to define the successful channels and properly allocate your marketing budget. Many businesses have struggled to gain traction with their marketing efforts by relying on probability or a “gut feeling.” At Position Science we encourage you to define your success metrics and to leverage all applicable analytics platforms to measure this success before taking the marketing leap. Once we know your marketing goals and we have the tracking tools implemented to measure these goals you’ll be ready to take the marketing leap and we’ll leap with you.

There Should Be No Guessing in Digital Marketing

The biggest benefit of marketing online is the incredible amount of data available to marketers versus offline media. However, your business must be proactive and implement tools to collect this data or you will fail to understand the impact of your marketing efforts. A digital marketing campaign built on a strong analytics foundation will allow you to make performance-based decisions and never again guess how to allocate your marketing spend.

The Position Science Analytics Suite

At Position Science we refuse to partner with companies with undefined goals willing to blindly spend money. We believe in client retention, which is contingent on that client’s long-term success. Without the proper analytics tools to measure that success the client/agency relationship can never thrive.

The below suite of tools gives us the ability to track your leads all the way through your sales cycle. From the number of people who see your advertisements to the amount of closed business, we take the guessing game out of Internet marketing.

Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics

Track all website behavior from the number of visits, content viewed, engagement with your site, geography and source of visitors and, most importantly, online conversions. Google Analytics offers a robust clickstream analytics platform, real-time tracking, in-page analytics and much more?all in a system you can figure in an endless number of ways. Position Science can help you find the most critical of your actionable insights.

call trackingCall Tracking

Don’t let your main source of leads be a gap in your marketing data. Track the total calls, length of calls, time of day, keywords used in search-generated calls, referring site, the inbound phone number and even integrate these metrics with Google Analytics. If you aren’t tracking your calls, you are wasting dollars. We’ll show you why.

Call HandlingCall Handling

Leads are expensive. Make sure you’re not losing out on converting qualified leads due to improper call handling. Position Science will help you improve your post-answer call routing, reduce dropped calls, devise call scripts for proper information gathering and a complete protocol for the way your inbound calls are handled.


Find the power in your numbers. Position Science will help you collect quantitative data about your business by reaching large?audiences of your target demographic with custom surveys. Our seasoned survey writers will get to the root of your customer problems and the heart of what your audiences desires.

Click Fraud AnalysisClick Fraud Analysis

Are your competitors clicking on your ads? We’ll let you know by using our fraud detection tool set and solid expertise in click fraud analysis. We give you actionable insights for any activity that constitutes probable click fraud.


Contact Position Science today to solidify your analytics foundation before you take the?marketing leap. Then, we’ll leap with you.

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