App Development

Propel Your Enterprise with App Design & Development

Position Science is your source for application development that meets both functional and aesthetic needs. Our experience in usability spans many years and as a result, you can expect a level of expertise that delivers form and utility in harmony. Our philosophy regarding design is rooted in simple elegance. We first understand your target users, and help you effectively meet their needs by creating a comprehensive functional spec of your application. From algorithm to code, we map and program each piece of logic carefully and concentrate on providing a complete solution that is intuitive, user-centered and is able to handle exceptions gracefully, while communicating them back to us for refinement.

Apps without?Boundaries

Whether you need an app to serve ecommerce, marketing, media delivery, corporate reporting, communications, entertainment or practically any need, we can produce highly productive ties to data in any format on any system. We are fluent across industries, including, publishing, medical, finance, retail, real estate, transportation, energy and others. And, we are capable in ?B2C,?B2B and nonprofit contexts. Whatever your needs, we can cover them with market-ready apps.

Cloud-Ready and Crowd-Tested Solutions

We are at home in the cloud. ?Virtualization and integration are no longer on the horizon. These technological concepts are already deeply embedded in present-day architectures. And, we help you tap the potential of flexible, distributed platforms that free your apps capacity to scale. We test accordingly, using an approach that maximizes efficiency without forgetting that humans matter, too. There’s no reason to believe that we can’t still learn a great deal from the creatures who apps are built for in the first place. What is technology without users anyway?

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