Call Handling Marketing Service

Lead Acquisition is Expensive

Position Science’s call handling consultation services coupled with our call tracking solution will empower your business to identify and plug leaks in your sale’s funnel to improve your percentage of closed business. Your business’ biggest opportunity to improve return without increasing marketing spend is not to acquire more costly leads, but rather to improve your sales funnel and close more business out of your current bucket of leads. If your company even partially relies on phone call handling to close business then it is imperative for you to have this process reviewed to ensure you’re not dropping costly leads.

It is important to understand the conversion rate of each facet of your sales funnel. Given the plethora of website analytics tools you likely have an understanding of your site conversion rate (if not, we encourage you to review our Google Analytics product). Site conversion rate is important to know because each visit represents a marketing expenditure for your business. A high percentage of visits which do not turn into leads is a sign that it’s time to modify or overhaul your website to improve site conversion. With call tracking implemented we can review your inbound call conversion and assess whether?there is a need to modify or overhaul your current call handling.

A Protocol for Your Inbound?Phone Calls

By creating and adhering to a protocol for the way your business calls are handled you can improve your sales in a matter of days, if not hours. Here are some of the phone handling tactics and benefits we help clients establish:Improvement of post-answer call routing. How are calls routed after the call is initially answered?Call Handling Phone Time

  • Creation of a script for all answered calls, so that calls as handled consistently and the critical information is captured as soon as possible.
  • Reduced dropped calls. Think of your inbound calls as shopping carts. Dropped calls are carts that never made it to the checkout line. We figure out why.
  • Increase customer satisfaction and up selling opportunities, by utilizing moments that otherwise become wasted time.
  • Reduce wait times while calls are rerouted and implement call rounds to make sure calls don’t go to voice mail.
  • Eliminate unanswered calls and stop the loss of sales. If you don’t answer you don’t sell.
  • Find the perfect voice and demeanor to handle your calls effectively. No one wants to be greeted by a lifeless bore.

What Can You Expect From a Call Handling Consultation?

Improved ROI. It is very expensive to influence the top of your sales funnel and reach a larger audience. It is also inefficient to do so if you haven’t plugged all of the holes in your sales funnel. Investing in a review of your call handling to assess and improve conversion rates will have an impact on every marketing effort your business employs moving forward.

Call tracking will be implemented before any changes to call handling are made to ensure we understand our baseline and to measure the impact of efforts. Call tracking will arm our consultants with a plethora of data including the source of all calls as well as the important qualitative data such as the call recording. Examining individual calls is imperative to listen for consistency and effectiveness of greetings. As a neutral party we will have an unbiased perspective as to whether the greetings are resonating well with inbound callers or if there are any potential barriers to closing business. Our consultants will also be armed with quantitative data such as percentage of calls answered, time of day and day of week of calls, time to answer phone and length of calls, which will all be leveraged to improve call handling and drive more business.

Contact Position Science today for a free proposal on implementation of call tracking and a call handling review. Stop leaking leads from your sales funnel today!

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