Inbound Phone Call Tracking

If You Aren’t Tracking Calls, You Are Losing Business

In 2016 mobile will drive over 60 billion inbound calls to businesses.

Over 50% of sales go to the first point of contact. If a caller is contacting your business and the call isn’t answered or handled effectively, you lose business.

You may think you have calls under control, but what can you really know that you don’t measure?

Inbound phone calls are the primary lead source for the majority of marketing efforts both online and off. However, there is a legacy disconnect between lead attribution and inbound calls. Businesses have long been faced with the complication of determining lead source for inbound calls. Some even go as far as having their sales team take precious time to ask the caller how they’ve heard about the business. If your business would like to accurately attribute phone call leads to any number of marketing channels and not have your sales team waste precious time. Don’t rely on the loose accuracy of asking the caller then Position Science’s Call tracking is your solution. You are losing good leads if you don’t have a call tracking system in place and a protocol for handling the calls effectively.

The Internet has facilitated a marketing platform, which has revolutionized lead attribution tracking. Forms, emails, chat scripts and online purchases can all be tracked and that lead source can be captured, so your business can best understand which marketing efforts are driving results. Given the multitude of analytics tools, this lead attribution can be represented in visual graphs or exported into raw data sets in an automated fashion. Position Science’s call tracking enables you to leverage your existing analytics tools to quantify and measure ALL lead attribution sources including phone calls for an unparalleled look at your marketing efforts. With call tracking your business will never have to rely on a speculative approach to lead attribution such as correlations with running campaigns and influxes in calls; you will be able to easily compare simultaneously running campaigns and know your exact return for each.

Call Tracking for your Website

Are you running multiple campaigns all geared toward driving traffic to your website for lead generation? Whether it’s paid media, organic search, referral traffic, direct traffic or a tagged campaign such as email, with Position Science’s call tracking solution you will be able to identify each initial lead source and know the number of calls received from each. These call metrics can be pulled into your existing website tracking tool and your phone call lead volume can be tied to goals and assigned values. Our call tracking solution plugs the hole in your website’s biggest data-loss culprit.Call Tracking

Call Tracking for OffLine Marketing

Can you say exactly how many calls you received from a specific direct mail campaign? There’s likely little uncertainty as to what this campaign cost you. If your business is running any form of offline marketing campaign such as direct mail, billboard, mobile billboard, trade shows or sponsorships then call tracking is your solution to bridge the gap between offline marketing effort and inbound call volume.

Additional Benefits

Our call tracking solution has many benefits beyond phone call lead attribution. We also aggregate data to help ensure your sales team’s call handling is in line with your business’ goals. Are you losing business due to your sales team’s greeting? Are too many calls going unanswered? How long is it taking your sales team to answer the phone? What time of day and day of the week are you receiving the most calls? Do you have staff on hand to field these calls? Are callers dropping off due to your automated, or away, message? With Position Science’s call tracking in place you will have the answers to all of the above questions as well recordings of each call to help you better understand your inbound caller’s experience.

Learn what marketing efforts are driving phone calls and how you can better drive closed business from these leads by contacting Position Science today! 214.499.9998

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