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Attractive, Intuitive and Scalable Ecommerce Website Design

No business is more dependent on their website than a business leveraging that website to complete the sales cycle. An ecommerce website can act as an army of well-trained sales representatives for your business, but with poor design, security and usability an ecommerce website will be nothing more than a frustrating experience for your users and a chore they will not complete. Position Science will propel your business to success with an ecommerce website that drives a higher volume of unsolicited traffic via search engines as well as one that converts traffic into sales at a higher percentage.

Intuitive Checkout – The Holy Grail of Ecommerce

How many times have you spent an absurd amount of time waiting behind someone in an ATM line? How about at a grocery store self checkout? Have you ever found yourself holding up queues due to what you perceive to be a less than intuitive interface? The reality is that seemingly simple tasks can bewilder and challenge even people of high intelligence if there is no logical structure or if it varies from what is considered “normal.” A checkout process should not be a test of your visitors’ technical abilities or perseverance to complete the transaction.

At Position Science we adopt the best features and functionality of the shopping cart and checkout process for which your visitors are already familiar and apply these to your ecommerce website. You will see less funnel abandonment and more repeat transactions with a familiar transaction process that elicits visitor emotions of security and comfortability. Our Ecommerce experts are not interested in grasping for awards with clever gimmicks; we are only interested in rewarding your visitors with an inviting and intuitive checkout process that reduces shopping cart abandonment and drives higher conversion rates.

The Ecommerce Website Checklist

Many aspects of what makes a great website also apply to making a great ecommerce site. Below you will find a handful of key differences that must be a prime focus during your ecommerce website development.

Ecommerce Site Security
Without question, your website’s security is paramount to you running a successful ecommerce business. An SSL certificate is not optional if your customers are submitting any secure information.

Site Taxonomy and Navigation
Many, if not most, of your visitors will be hitting interior, typically product, pages and not your homepage. Consistent and clear navigation and the use of breadcrumbs will help these visitors orient themselves with your site and complete the checkout process.

Credibility Builders
Your site seal should be prominent. Badges and awards should be prominent. Reviews should also be present to build your ecommerce website’s credibility and the trust of your visitors. Contact information should also be readily available on every page.

Brand Protection from Cyber Crime
Does your website use a dedicated IP address or shared? If any malicious activity has taken place from your ecommerce website’s hosting IP address this information can be found and made public easily. If your website is easy to spoof then you may be at risk to phishing scams that can do irreparable damage to your business. If your databases are not secure this information can be accessed and made public easily. Any one of these security lapses could prove detrimental to your ecommerce business, so it is important that you be proactive and take the necessary precautions to stop a cyber attack before it happens.

At Position Science we build secure, intuitive ecommerce websites which are void of common SEO pitfalls such as canonical and duplicate content issues. Contact us today and let us know your ecommerce needs for a free ecommerce website development and design proposal.

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