Landing Page OptimizationIs Your Website an Obstacle or an Advantage?

Very few online marketing efforts can drive leads and new business without first driving visits to your website. For this reason, your website and target landing pages are pivotal to the success or failure of your online marketing efforts. At Position Science, we identify challenges or obstacles with your current website and landing pages and design landing pages geared toward driving a higher volume of leads or sales from your existing visitor pool. Position Science’s landing page optimization process will ensure that your website is the foundation for which all other online marketing efforts can be based.

The Proverbial “Low Hanging Fruit”

Converting more of your current website traffic to sales or leads is your best opportunity to drive increased revenue from your online marketing spend without increasing your digital marketing budget. An investment in your website now will also improve the efficiency of any future online marketing expenditures. The process of getting traffic to your website is very costly, so it is important that your business’ website and landing pages are designed to capitalize on every conversion opportunity.

Position Science’s Approach to Landing Page Optimization

Our landing page optimization experts will first identify the goal of your landing page to ensure all efforts are devoted to driving results that positively affect your bottom line. Identification of the specific goal is important because a landing page developed for gaining organic placement and driving conversions could potentially differ from a paid search landing page geared toward boosting your quality score and driving conversions. We also need to understand your goals and preferred conversion metric, whether it be transaction, phone, form etc., to ensure that the content and page design are developed with the goal of driving your desired conversion.

At Position Science, our approach to landing page optimization is goal-oriented, data-driven content and aesthetic enhancements, which drive measurable results and support all digital marketing efforts.

Data Over Speculation

Some supposed landing page optimization professionals will claim that they have perfected the art of landing page optimization and can get your site to convert better without trial. While I agree that there are some universal modifications that can be made to most every landing page to improve performance I don’t feel that this is the approach to best maximize your results. A “good” landing page is very subjective, and, ultimately, the success of your landing page is contingent on how well it resonates with your specific audience. At Position Science we maximize the potential of your landing page by leveraging thoughtful, data-driven analyses opposed to speculative gambles based on past successes.

We analyze the quality of a landing page and compile performance data using multiple tools and techniques:

A/B Testing |?Multivariate Testing

A/B testing, often referred to as split testing, is a landing page testing technique where we will have two different landing pages that each share the same conversion goal. All variables outside of the on-page content need to be controlled and consistent for a true test of page performance. We will often expand this testing to A/B/C testing and compare three-or-more pages. A/B testing is an extremely powerful approach for testing landing pages in a live environment with your target audience.

Heat Map Analysis

A heat map analysis provides an incredible amount of data on how visitors collectively engage your landing page. With a heat map analysis we can tell where visitors are clicking the most, how far they’re scrolling down and in many cases we can see where they’re bailing from the funnel. If your landing page presents challenges or barriers to conversion a heat map analysis will disclose this in most situations.

Visit Recording Analysis

Recording and reviewing individual visitor’s interaction with your landing page can also be key in helping us uncover any challenges or barriers to conversion. A visit recording analysis allows us to watch in real time, or watch a recording, as a visitor engages your site. Visit recording is a qualitative approach to data aggregation, which provides the most transparency to how visitors are interacting with your site.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows for rudimentary A/B and recording testing, but for our analyses purposes we typically leverage Analytics as a landing page optimization tool to segment engagement metrics by source, technology and device. Analytics is also largely ubiquitous, so we can analyze this data on a new client’s site as we are still in data collection mode with the more robust tools and techniques.

The importance of all of these tools and techniques is that we are able to apply our expertise and experience to the data output specific to your site and your audience to drive enhancements that will improve site conversion based on data and not speculation.

If you’re struggling to get your site visitors to convert or if you’d like to know if your current conversion rate can be improved contact Position Science today for a free landing page optimization proposal.

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