Mobile Apps DevelopmentOne Third of Your Traffic is Mobile

According to Walker Sands Digital 31.2% of all traffic to North American websites came from mobile devices. This is a 31% increase in mobile traffic compared to the year prior and 133% increase over 2012. If your website is not accommodating to mobile visitors then mobile trends are not in your favor and your business is missing a big opportunity to maximize the value of your website and your online marketing efforts.

Position Science Knows Mobile

At Position Science we don’t rely on past experiences and successes to assume what mobile design and layout will work for your business’ website; we customize an approach based on a thorough market analysis of your target audience’s demographic and psychographic makeup. We then measure success in a real-world environment with A/B testing reflecting?our diligent pursuit of excellence we employ in our landing page optimization product.?We customize a mobile design that is consistent with your site’s theme and your business’ branding while tailoring content to the unique needs of a mobile user. At Position Science we know how mobile users interact with a site in comparison to desktop visitors?and we can create?a mobile design that?achieves your business’ goals.

Mobile Design Without Sacrifices

The technological backing of a mobile website can be handled in a multitude of ways, but some options may not be a great fit for your current site, server technology and website tracking platform. Reflective of our approach to mobile design and layout, we take a custom approach to deciding which mobile technology will be most synergistic with your existing website architecture. A recommendation of an adaptive, responsive or mobile friendly website should only be made based on a thorough analysis of your goals, target market and website technology. Be weary of the sacrifices that come when developers persuade you to accept a mobile solution because it’s what they know and not based on an assessment of your needs.

Get More Business Out of Your Current Mobile Audience

Driving new visitors to your site can be expensive. The most efficient use of your marketing dollars is to get a larger percentage of the traffic already visiting your site to buy your product or service. With one third of your traffic coming from mobile devices there is a huge opportunity to drive more business with a well-designed and conversion-focused mobile site.

Contact Position Science today to realize more revenue and new customers from your existing mobile visitors with an aesthetically pleasing mobile design that works.

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