PPC Paid Search ManagementPaid Search advertising (also known as PPC) is a way for businesses to leverage their website as a sales or lead generation marketing tool. Paid Search can be a very powerful marketing channel when you deliver the right message to the right audience as they search to find your product or service.

Without Search Engine Marketing (SEM) your business will struggle to be seen within search engine results pages and your website will fail to be an effective marketing tool at driving new business. PPC advertising is your opportunity to get your website in front of your target audience to close business that will otherwise go to your competition.

If you’ve managed your own Paid Search campaign before or if you’ve worked with another Paid Search agency in the past with little or no results then you understand the complexities and difficulties of running an efficient paid search campaign in categories where fierce competition has driven up click costs. At Position Science we believe that there are opportunities within every category to make Pay Per Click advertising a profitable investment for our clients. While your competition may be content with paying higher costs for a click we explore additional opportunities by analyzing and adjusting settings such as time of day, day of month, page placement, geographical targeting and alternative keywords. We also analyze the ad copy, keyword and landing page synergy to increase your quality score to get the same ad placement of your competition for a cheaper click cost.

We pride ourselves on building partnerships with our PPC clients and our focus is on your satisfaction and retaining your business. Our business practices reflect this stance as we have no long-term contracts. If you’re not completely satisfied with our services then you are free to take your business elsewhere. We share this with confidence instead of hiding behind long-term contracts like most of our competition.

The key to our Paid Search management client retention is measurability. As marketing managers or small business owners knowing the return of your marketing spend is imperative. We leverage Google Analytics to track on-site conversions and we also provide a call tracking solution, which allows us to tie phone call leads/sales into our reporting. Our goal is to remove any ambiguity in reporting and speak to your return. We’re also fully transparent, so we can provide detailed reports on the nuts and bolts of a campaign for those interested in that level of granularity.

Contact us today for a free Paid Search proposal and let’s make the Leap together.

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