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SEO ? a Natural Choice

SEO is best thought of as a combination of synergistic strategies and methods that seek to improve visibility for products, services, people, events, places and numerous other entities. Position Science expertly establishes SEO as a lasting catalyst and bridge for the sharing of and accessibility of online resources with a focus on products and service.

SEO is a natural choice for most integrated marketing campaigns. Organic search results are treated as long-term targets in relation to relevant keywords that are apt to extend your brand and sales reach. Though Google and other search engines make it more difficult to implement some forms of SEO due to the abuse of many practitioners, we have always been adherents to content creation, as the foundation for SEO, with architectural factors on-site and at the server level being the critical factors. In addition, we produce strategic content to spur natural linking to your site from other sites and online resources. We entice these links using search-engine compliant methods, and we frequently revisit search engine guidelines to insure adherence?to present standards.

We offer the following services with our SEO packages as a start:

  • Exhaustive ongoing keyword discovery
  • Long tail keyword analysis & targeting Search Engines Bing Ask Yahoo Google
  • Optimization of existing content
  • Strategic, unique content creation
  • Landing page conversion optimization
  • Schema, card, rdf & open graph inclusion
  • Natural & social link building
  • Niche & industry link acquisition
  • Non-linked brand building & mentions
  • Local optimization for search & social
  • Partner relations & media outreach
  • Site speed & security optimization

Our content creation process is a one we put into place with creative link-worthy content topics that we provide to and manage via a customized editorial calendar. We have relationships with some of the most talented writers available, all of whom possess expert knowledge in many areas of business. We use other forms of media to augment content reach, including presentations, whitepapers, illustrations, maps, charts, podcasts, video guides and a variety of other options. All content is reviewed prior to publication, and we encourage our clients to be as closely involved with the editorial process as desired. An even better scenario is one where we guide your own in-house experts as these staff create search engine optimized content. No one is likely to know your business better than the experts within your organization, though it may not always be possible to utilize their time for marketing, it is without a doubt a worthy goal no matter the timeline feasibility of incorporating content production into the fabric and culture of your enterprise.

Once we have a content strategy in place, our process is structure to:

  • Craft and communicate a compelling and consistent message and brand image
  • Target the best times and days to increase readership and visibility
  • Tier releases to gain favor with the top echelon of category influencers and topic mavens
  • Distribute the content through social network sites, feeds, news aggregators and other venues
  • Catalyze further interest with supporting media and enthusiast content producers
  • Listen for the resulting mentions and conversations
  • Measure the outcome to find high-impact improvements, drive ROI and meet your goals

No one can promise you you’ll win every time, but those that know how to measure are the most likely to generate wins for you over the long-term horizon.

Master Database Tamers AheadProduct Database Optimization - SEO

If ?you have an ecommerce web site with many products, your database is the most important SEO leverage you have. Many SEOs don’t take the time to help you optimize your database or your product information (choosing to rely simply ?on title tag edits and meta data, in most cases). This is a sign that you are not getting the right kind of help. We specialize in ecommerce sites, and we can guide you in the transformation of your database so as to solidify your search engine visibility and all of the marketing efforts and other promotion, partnership (affiliate or distributor), sales and data-dependent legs of your business. ?We then assist your business in the optimization of how you push this data to the surface. We do this first for site visitors and secondarily for search engines. So, we don’t trade your integrity for a short-lived pop on Google. We use your data as it is best used to suit your conversion funnel, which inevitably provides strong, organic search architecture and an outcome you your business is missing, or you probably wouldn’t be reading this page.

It’s the Humans that MatterSEO

In reality, a compelling website that a large percentage of your available audience is able to use effectively, is more than SEO. This means that our process starts with a focus on people: your audience and how to gain trust and business from that audience. SEO must adhere to human-centered design needs to add value to the web presence of any business. A focus on customers is ultimately what drives profit. Let’s make no mistake about SEO: it’s hard work to please humans and please search engines in tandem. Can it be done? Absolutely. But, SEO requires a dedicated long-term effort. Those seeking immediate results are better selecting another marketing channel to develop presence online, unless there is sufficient content and support to facilitate a short-term improvement to the architecture of your product information and the systems ?or platforms that store and display it

At Position Science, we use SEO methods that get results. In order to do this, we only work with clients where we see the potential to produce an optimization outcome that is ROI positive. This almost always requires a product or service that can be positioned as distinctly superior or unique. This could involve a number of factors, including pricing, quality construction, rarity or great support. We help our clients identify these key areas, so that we can go to market with a message about what the client’s product or service is able to offer in terms of core values.

SEO the Way It Should Be

Verticle leap offers free SEO audits. Contact us if you are searching for a highly creative team to help establish a lasting presence online that produces profits by effectively showing the??unique value you bring to the table and ?to your customers and prospects. We measure our success by your success. A long-term commitment is not required to work with our SEO experts, so your risk is minimal. That’s the way it should be. We don’t earn business through contracts, we earn it through hard work.

We Measure Our Success by Your Success

If we can’t measure your SEO success, we won’t pretend we can help you. In every assessment, we first look at the feasibility of integrating analysis with as few limitations as possible. You can’t grow if you don’t know. If you want to know, contact Position Science now for a free assessment of your online marketing and SEO needs: 214.499.9998!

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