SMS Maketing

Engagement Is the Reason

Are you looking for a great way to engage your customers and nuture your prospects? You’ll not find a better channel to do this than SMS. People pay attention to their mobile communications, so the mobile phone is an ideal medium in which to find more interaction with your customers. Given the number of cell phone users throughout the world, your chances of connecting with your audience with this technology are greatest and your ability to capture attention is more elevated than you will find in any other marketing vehicle.

The Numbers Tell the Story

  • 75% (4.5 billion) of all mobile phones are SMS capable
  • 96% of smartphone subscribers use SMS
  • Text messages are typically read within a few seconds
  • 41% of smartphone users agree that they would be completely lost without SMS
  • On average mobile phone users look at their phone 150 times each day
  • SMS Marketing coupons have a redemption and share rate 10 times higher than mail or newspaper coupons
  • 70% of people would like to receive deal and offers on their cell phones
  • 57% of people would be interested in joining SMS loyalty programs for their favorite brands
  • SMS campaigns have a remarkable 5% opt out rate
  • 90% of consumers who joined SMS loyalty programs thought that doing so provided value
  • 98% of text messages are read vs. 29% of Tweets vs. 12% of Facebook posts vs. 20% of emails

Don’t Miss Out of SMS Marketing

At Position Science we can help you establish a number of SMS marketing campaign types, from coupons to community building, we will provide you with a platform that handles your needs.

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