Social Media Optimization

How Big Is Social Media?

Facebook’s 500+ million active users spend more time and more money online than the average Internet user. Half of these active Facebook users log on to Facebook every day and stay engaged for about an hour on average. 40% of all Facebook users access Facebook on mobile devices. Position Science can help your business tap the incredible potential of Facebook in a number of ways, starting with your fan page and for many clients increasing your engagement with compelling content and highly targeted advertising.



Twitter has 105+ million registered users. Twitter has become one of the best ways for businesses to facilitate customer service and to more-broadly listen to the voice?of customers. Brand mentions on Twitter are an important part of any company’s ability to learn what customers really want, and by listening closely businesses can grow by creating satisfaction. Twitter also provides a great platform for announcements, promotions and any communication that is “of the moment”.



YouTube is the second largest search engine with 50%+ more searches than Yahoo! and Bing. YouTube’s visitors watch more than 12 billion videos per month, with the average viewer on watching 15 minutes of video per day. 46.2 years of YouTube videos are viewed on facebook each day. It’s time to optimize your YouTube channel and unleash the value of video sharing. Position Science is hear to see you through.


LinkedIn is the professional’s social network. Executives of most Fortune 500 companies are LinkedIn members. The average user of linkedinsocialLinkedIn is highly educated. A large portion of the visitor population is also in the decision maker or purchasing management role in their chosen business. If you wish to sell to those who decide what gets bought in quantity, there are few?venues better suited than LinkedIn to acquire a constituency of business connections geared toward promotion of both individuals and businesses.


Position Science offers two core social-centric services in our suite:

Social Media Management and Optimization

We are blog savvy, content keen and we can set you up and establish your “authorship” and your identity on each of the major platforms, as well as provide a steady stream of exceptionally engaging content that builds readership and following naturally. It takes time, but we do it right. From Google+ to Pinterest, Twitter and facebook?we nurture your constituency and interact with your real audience. There’s nothing gimmicky about our methods. You will have a truly engaged audience. We generate interest in your mindshare. Whether we show the world the wonder of your expert bean or start a scandal, we can make buzz.

SMS Marketing

Got their numbers? Why would you miss the chance to engage them over the air? SMS is the marketing max. Have you seen the stats? SMS is the fastest, most consistent and effective way to market to your customers. If you can reach them via mobile, you are many times more likely to get the attention of your known buyers. You can use it to build community, too. It’s so flexible and powerful, you must not delay. Position Science will set you up on a platform where you can manage every message and number, see the metrics behind your campaigns and begin your journey into SMS success. We also provide a managed SMS service, where we do the work for you. Just sit back and enjoy the increased revenue or the highest level of engagement your marketing dollar can buy.

Position Science sees social and search as one. We know how to facilitate both in a harmonious boost to the image your business maintains. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you build your visibility online and integrate social media into the architecture of your interactive marketing strategy. You can reach us at 214.499.9998.

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