Web Design and Development

The Functionality You Need; The Look You Desire

Your website has one goal: make your business money. Whether your business leverages your website as a sales platform or a lead generation tool there is unique criteria to meet these goals. There is also the need for a modern, aesthetically pleasing design, which resonates with visitors and evokes enough confidence to trust your business for their needs. With a seamlessly functional website and a user-friendly design your website can be a powerful marketing tool, which will be a strong foundation for all of your online marketing efforts.

Website Design – The Position Science Difference

Reflective of?our stance on our SEO and Paid Search products, we have a client-focused approach to website design. Before we proceed with suggestions and recommendations, we conduct a discovery meeting where we uncover your goals and answer any questions you may have. Only after we’ve uncovered your needs and the catalyst for you entertaining the expenditure of a new website can we build a proposal that is tailored to your business. This custom approach to website design is rare in an industry full of companies wanting to strengthen their portfolio by suggesting designs that fit the agency’s needs and not yours. Identifying your current challenges and customizing a proposal to overcome these challenges and meet your business’ goals are what sets Position Science apart.

Website Design With A Marketer’s Touch

Your website has many responsibilities beyond being visually appealing to your target audience. Your website must first be search engine friendly to drive free, unsolicited traffic and your website must also be developed with your goals in mind to convert these visits into closed business. An appealing design alone will do little to drive business, but when coupled with solid Search Engine Optimization and Landing Page Optimization you will not only see more visits to your website, but you will see a higher percentage of visitors turn into customers.

As SEO professionals we’ve audited hundreds of websites and have seen glowing examples of good website design coupled with strong SEO?as well as glaring examples of design taking precedence over?SEO.?Working with a development or design company that does not have a reputation for SEO success and does not put emphasis on your website’s optimization could have your lovely new website driving less business than the antiquated legacy site you retired. This same logic applies to website conversion. If your new website looks better, but is less intuitive to the user then?you are going to receive less business via your website than you did before the refresh.

Contact Position Science today?for a free proposal and learn how you can have a beautiful new website design without sacrifices.

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