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Google’s resource on how to add managers to your Google My Business Account can be found here. You may have previously visited that resource or not yet uncovered it, but it lacks the description of the below walk through.


Why Add Managers to My Google My Business Account?

The obvious answer is so that others can manage your Google My Business account without you sharing your password.

The less obvious answer is that Google will be discontinuing “non-upgraded” location extensions, so a Google account managing an AdWords campaign MUST be a manager of the Google My Business location in order to run the AdWords ads with location extensions:

How to Add Managers to Your Google My Business Account

What Is a Location Extension?

A location extension is the address of your business. This ad extension is critical for local businesses:

What is a Location Extension

How to Add Managers to My Google My Business Account?

  1.  Visit the Google My Business Page –
  2. Click “sign in” found in the top right and sign in to your Google account that already has access to the Google My Business page for your business. If you’re unsure, sign in to your Google account and jump to step three for validation.Google My Business
  3. After signing in you will see your verified business IF you’ve logged into the correct account and your business is verified. If you don’t see your business, you will need to create and/or verify your business.Google My Business Verification
  4. Click “Manage this page” on the applicable listing. Please note, the following steps will need to be taken for each location. A Google account MUST be tied to each specific page to continue to use location extensions.
  5. On your Google Plus business page, click on the gear icon in top right and then “Settings:”
    Add Managers to Google My Business
  6. Click on “Managers.” Then “Add Managers:”
    Add Managers Google Plus
  7. Add the applicable email and click “invite.” Also, you can toggle the level of access by choosing the “manager” dropdown below the email field.
    Google My Business Managers

That’s how you add managers to our Google My Business account.