Google Instant One-Letter Search Results

One-Letter Google Autocomplete & Instant Results Revisited

I thought it would be interesting to revisit the topic of one-letter Google Autocomplete and  Instant results, which is no longer even present while using the Chrome browser. I used Firefox to generate these results, and I suspect that the results are localized to a certain degree. It would be interesting to see what results people are getting across the world, so feel free to post your findings here. As of September 22, 2014, the following are the one-letter Google instant results that I’m seeing in Richardson, TX.


american airlines

bank of america
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Database Role in Marketing

Marketing Strategy Graph: The Role of the Database

Verticle Leap has been  putting together a graph showing the relationship between various online and offline marketing channels, as well as other promotional efforts utilized by businesses. In mapping out the essential elements of this graph we were intent to visualize the relationships, primarily. This visualization took the shape of a circular model after the components were largely laid out. The graph shows the interconnections and synergy between numerous channels. Many of the channel relationships can be expressed in one-to-one or bidirectional relationships that branch out to corresponding or complementary channels. The connections or layers are defined by directional visuals, … Read More

SEO Resources, Theory and Thought

Improve your SEO vocabulary with the list of SEO articles and posts below. SEO is not the only thing you’ll find, however, as SEO can’t be isolated and fully effective. Also keep in mind that there’s much that we don’t know. Theory is great but don’t take it all as being truth. There are several smart folks out there, but many of them don’t quite get it right sometimes.

Validating a site has little value for SEO, in large part. However, there are so many good reasons to validate that you really should make this a given.

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One-Letter Google Instant Results

The ABCs of Google Instant —

Are you ready to shop?

A —

B —

C —

D —

E —

F —

G —

H —

I —

J —

K —

L —

M —

N —

O —

P —

Q —

R —

S —

T —

U —

V —

W —

X —

Y —

Z —

h1 html headings SEO

Do H1 or H (Headings) Tags Really Benefit SEO?

Topics such as the value or importance of h1 tags set apart capable SEO minds from the hordes of people who insist on the value and benefit of headings and other text styling aspects of documents crawled by search engines. Take a moment to think like a search quality engineer. What ranking factors receive the highest priority? The answer is quite simple: those factors that are not easily manipulated by people who create documents primarily in an attempt to gain position in search results via easily established means, especially those means that might relate directly to the markup or code … Read More


Webinars for SEO and Product Promotion

Webinars: Creation and Promotion

Webinars are a great way to add to your online content and to educate people about your products, services or even your ideas. Webinars also provide opportunities for SEO – in that you can use them for link building and other forms of promotion. There are several options to consider when you set out to promote your webinar. But first, let’s figure out the topic of your webinar or how you will go about creating it.

If you need some ideas for rapid webinar content, here are some to consider:

1. narate a pre-existing Powerpoint and … Read More

The Dangers of Building High PageRank Links

There are situations where acquiring a high PageRank link (PR7 and higher) can be a risk or be detrimental to the site that acquires the link. This post covers some of the potential pitfalls. The primary danger in the scenario where one might score a PR8 link (for instance) is the risk that such a link is published by the PR8 site, subsequently indexed by Google or Bing, and then for any number of reasons removed or no longer linked to by the PR8 site in question.

What happens in this case is that a strong vote for the site … Read More

Coupon Popularity: a Growing Trend

In three short years, coupon popularity has almost doubled in terms of search volume, according to Google Trends. This trend illustrates the need for businesses to get their coupons online or start incorporating coupons as a part of the corporate fabric. The advantages of coupons online are many, including inbound links, qualified traffic from coupon aggregation sites, increased visibility among your competitors and happier customers. Coupons are fairly easy to implement for most companies, and the cost-benefit is certainly high enough to merit the effort, especially if a coupon campaign can be established before the holiday season where the windfall will … Read More

The Visitors You Can't Track: Untrackables and Analytics Blind Spots

Analytics programs such as Google Analytics often fail to track various type of users, these may include:

1. visitors that erase cookies after each session or at some other interval
2. visitors that block cookies outright
3. visitors that rewrite cookies for fun
4. visitors that arrive via a proxy service
5. visitors that click on your link or are referred to your site some other way and then leave your page before your analytics code can load and capture information or open their cookie (assuming there is one); Google has come up with a good antidote for this with … Read More

Complete Analytics Part I: Are You Oversimplifying?

What sources of data represent the complete user experience of a customer who visits your site and completes a purchase?

You might be surprised to learn that there are numerous such sources – all of which are valid in their own right. There’s a myriad awaiting anyone who has been too narrow while taking to task the organism of site analysis and it’s many-pronged corpus of data.

So, then how do you best categorize such data so that you can utilize it? And, how do you then capture and learn from the data from each category? Here’s an answer you … Read More

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