Free Sitemap Tools for XML Sitemaps

If you are looking for a free tool to create a Google sitemap for your Webmaster Tools account, there are a couple of choices for the Windows platform listed below. Unfortunately, it seems that all of the Mac applications available will cost you. If anyone has a free Mac application, please leave a comment with the URL.

Freeware Sitemap Creators

There are also several web-based tools to create sitemaps online. … Read More

Analytics Tool: ClickTale Reconstructs User Experience

I was a bit surprised when I first came across this analytics tool, because I had always imagined that a visual replay of user experience could only be achieved with a packet sniffing platform. Interestingly, it appears as though JavaScript can accomplish the same. Why did it take so long for such a tool to arrive, one must wonder.

The pricing is quite reasonable, though this is no Tea Leaf, or a maybe something like a poor man’s Tea Leaf. Nevertheless, I was extremely pleased to stumble across this gem.

Coupon Campaigns: Save the Day & Your Coupons

If you haven’t thought about putting coupons into your marketing mix, then you may be missing out. What once used to be an expensive and often-n0t-so-targeted marketing channel is now much more streamlined. There are new distribution channels popping up all over, which allow for more defined targets and campaigns that fall within even the most meager budgets.

Below is a list of some of the most highly trafficked coupon sites online. (no longer available)

www.dealsofamerica.comRead More

Hyphenate or Die!

Maybe I got a little carried away on this one, but I’ve seen so much garbage about this across the Web that I feel compelled to set the record straight with some evidence. Evidence in SEO is something that most folks fail to provide when they make claims. So, part of the reason I started this blog was to run counter to the unfounded heap of SEO advice that the web is awash with. If I can’t convince you with my posts, then I probably won’t even bother to try.

There are good reasons to use a hyphen when naming … Read More

Latent Semantic Indexing & Co-Occurrence

Recently, I made a few discoveries while digging around on Google. Shall we draw conclusions from the following?

So here we have some root tokens at work for the search “CNG veh,” as evidenced by the truncated string matching that has taken place. Here, we see a phrase used in a partial capacity “Natural Gas” which is derived from an acronym “CNG” – related to a longer phrase “Compressed Natural Gas”. Google clearly groups discreet strings from the general English lexicon, but in exactly what capacity, it would be difficult to determine. In situations where there are no exact string … Read More

Mastering the Paid Search Landing Page – Optimization Approaches

What Google has to say about landing pages:

“The best way to figure out whether your keyword, ad, or landing page is relevant and useful is to put yourself in the shoes of a user. Do your ad and landing page include language that makes sense in the context of the keywords you have chosen? For example, if you have selected the keyword ‘hiking shoes,’ have you made sure that your ad mentions hiking shoes or related name brands? Does your landing page actually offer the name brands you mentioned, along with detailed information about this shoe type?”

“Targeting your

Read More

AdWords – 78 Steps to Profit

1. Segmentation of keywords and adgroups is essential
2. Increasing CTR does not always equate to increased conversions (though it does most of the time)
3. Lowering click cost does not always increase ROI (though it does most of the time)
4. Specials symbols ® © $ + ! ? & non-word characters draw eyes to ads + add credibility in some cases
5. Start building campaigns with exact matching for all your keywords
6. After setting up exact match keywords, slowly transition to phrase matching where appropriate
7. A negative keyword list should be no less than 200 keywords … Read More

Local Search | IYPs | P2P Reviews | Business Listing Aggregators

Below you will find a great list of sites (most of which are free) where you can list your local business, interact with customers, increase your traffic, prove your credibility and grow.

Local Search Engines

Google Local Business Center [Free Listings]- Allows business owners to add company address location, hours of operation, website URL, contact info, description, accepted payment methods, multiple storefront or product photos, video and more. Listings appear within Google Maps and Business searches. Customers are also allowed to review and rate merchants. In addition reviews and ratings are aggregated from other listing sources and included with many … Read More

Some Usability Rules for Forms

  • if a password requires a number or case variation, make it obvious
  • username should be the email address if possible
  • require confirmation of email and password
  • always use highlighting or an asterisk to represent required fields and optional fields
  • build your email reputation and deliverability so you can send confirmation emails effectively
  • send confirmation emails ASAP
  • collect the least amount of information necessary to facilitate the signup or form goal
  • don’t collect credit card information until it is needed
  • forgo asking for the user’s address until it is needed
  • don’t default email opt-ins to being on – present the option
Read More
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