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At Position Science we do not measure the success of a display advertising campaign based off of online visibility, branding,?ad?placement or impressions as these terms and metrics mean very little concerning growing your business. We believe that display advertising should be measured in a comparable fashion to any other advertising expenditure: a cost-per-lead (CPL) or cost-per-acquisition (CPA) model.

Leveraging our?Google Analytics?expertise and campaign tagging allows our display advertising professionals to?not only report the CPL/CPA to our clients, but also optimize campaigns with the goal of improving these metrics. Understanding the amount you’re paying to drive new business through display advertising will ?help?facilitate a marketing expenditure model where we can compare all channels of marketing including paid search, SEO, social, broadcast and even print advertising in a cost-per-lead capacity.?With this marketing expenditure model in place we can make data-driven decisions on how to properly allocate your marketing budget and where display advertising stands in that mix.

Branding and visibility are important to display advertising campaigns, but these loose success metrics should be an outcome?of a successful CPL-focused display advertising campaign. Be weary of agencies selling their display advertising capabilities based on the “branding” and “visibility” buzz words.

Benefits of PPC Display Advertising

Expertly executed display advertising can be an extremely effective advertising channel at driving leads and, in certain situations, can drive an even cheaper CPL than paid search advertising. Below are some benefits enjoyed by display advertisers:

Cheaper CPCs

Display advertising is an opportunity for businesses in extremely competitive search categories with high CPCs to drive qualified clicks to their site at a margin of the cost. Our display advertising experts build campaigns with this fact in mind and control our bids to ensure we have the perfect balance of page and site placement as well as low CPCs. Lower CPCs will have a positive impact on your CPL.

Robust Targeting Opportunities

Gone are the days of blindly placing your display ads on websites and hoping for your messaging to resonate. There are now a plethora of options for advertisers to micro-target their audiences based on specified placements, interest, content and topics. Skilled display advertisers, such as our staff at Position Science, can also specifically target, or remarket, to people who have visited your site before or looked at specific content of your site. Furthermore, publishers, such as Google, have been in the data collection business for a long time and have aggregated a robust data set of user information, which can be utilized by advertisers for targeting specific demographics.

Perceived Editorial Association

Display advertising is your business’ one opportunity to advertise to your target audience as they visit authoritative sites in your industry. Credibility and trust can both be gained through your brand’s messaging on websites your target audience frequents and has become accustomed to. Oftentimes, the visitor will make the connection between the website they’re on and your advertisement and perceive that placement as an approval of your business. At Position Science we monitor your ad placement very closely to see which click sources are driving leads and optimize our spend for placement on these websites.

Cheap Branding and Visibility

Yes, the two terms I denounced earlier combine for one of the biggest benefits of display advertising. The relatively cheap CPCs coupled with the PPC model make display advertising a very cheap, and sometimes free, way for advertisers to promote their brand and increase visibility on the Web. It’s very difficult to attribute a value to branding or visibility and impossible to tie either back to a CPL model, but a display advertisement may give some value to your business even if the user did not click on your ad. Display advertising coupled with a phone call tracking number?in the banner ad has proven to drive free leads for our clients before as some users will call the number and not click the ad.

At Position Science we eschew promoting branding and visibility and instead focus on new business and CPL. However, given the display advertising PPC model, branding and visibility cost your business nothing, and if a user clicks on your ad you have the same opportunity to convert that visit to a lead as if it was a more expensive click from a paid search advertisement.

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