Get Your Business Online Google

Google is now in the business of getting businesses online. So far, Google in conjunction with Start Logic have helped almost 5 million businesses get online. The program “Get Your Business Online” at works by partnering with local organizations and civic leaders to encourage and support business owners in the process of bringing their business into the world of hypertext.

If you don’t have the need for ecommerce you get all of the offerings free, including guidance, learning tools, support, web hosting and an address. Google offers workshops to the communities involved. And, the project is facilitated largely through Chamber of Commerce and similar businesses in various cities across the United States.

In a tiny font in the footer of the Get Your Business Online site, it the text reads:
“This program would not be possible without our partners:
America’s SBDC SCORE American Chamber of Commerce Executives StartLogic”.

I would also not be possible, were it not for the billions of dollars spent on advertising on Google by businesses that have been online for some time. And, by bringing more online, the competition and price of advertising is going to soar, putting even more money in Google’s coffers. Google will put you on the map because when you’re on it, they can slip you inducements to advertise. And, this is not ideal for other advertisers, many of which did not have Google’s generous “Get Your Business Online” workshops as starting point. So, if you’re an advertiser on Google’s ad network, prepare for more competition. It’s inevitable.

Do you have a business that is not yet online? You may wish to let Google help you. It’s free, if you think that providing Google with a host of information about your business is not a form of payment. You’ll need a credit card, too. Free is subjective. Getting Your Business Online is a great goal if you actually plan to provide your audience with excelent information about what you do and why it matters. If you have something you can sell online, what are you waiting for? There aren’t that many hurdles anymore, for instance, shipping furniture to another state was much more difficult 12 years ago, from an ecommerce point-of-view, than it is today. If you’ve got sufficient margin or volume of sales, selling online will likely complement your other sales channels. And, if ecommerce doesn’t become a profit center for your business, it will help grow your brand reach, at the very least. For many businesses online, the value of branding is