The graph displayed here is a Prezi presentation which details various online and offline marketing channels and the relationships between them. You might call it a Map of the Interactive Marketing Universe. The core channels of focus: SEO, Paid Search or PPC, Social, Affiliate Marketing, Ecommerce, Mobile, Local, Video and the strategies that surround these areas. The illustration shows how information architecture is perhaps the most pervasive element in modern marketing hence the tactical centerpiece or puppet master of promotional efforts and brand strategy. Content and analysis are central to the architecture, where content is the object of the architecture and analysis is the result of architectural implementation. The feedback loop between content and analysis has become increasingly fluid with advancements in the available tools. One of our taglines at Verticle Leap is “What can you know that you do not measure?”. We help companies shed the unknowns and find meaning in the metrics we derive from customer behavior and interactions of all manner. Integrate to dominate.

Verticle Leap offers free seminars on this strategy graph to interested audiences. Contact us now, find out more about booking Verticle Leap for speaking engagements, lectures, seminars and conferences. We speak and train audiences of all sizes and levels of expertise. Some of our speaking topics include:

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