Responsive Design

Design – Not a Facade

Business owners and marketers who treat their branding and marketing collateral design as an afterthought are not only doing their business a disservice by not creating a distinctive brand, but they’re also not leveraging the power of design and layout to help drive higher conversion rates and retain the average fickle customer. The design of your marketing collateral should not be a facade for your business, but rather an accurate representation of your business built off market research of your target audience’s pyschographic and demographic makeup. Once you’ve tapped into the needs and wants of your target market you can build branding, messaging and brand style guidelines that will distinguish your business from your competition and resonate with the consumers of your product or service.

Analysis-Based Design

At Verticle Leap we understand the importance of an appealing design. Creating an aesthetically pleasing design is always the end goal, but a visually appealing design is an outcome of market research and platform analyses. Other design companies may put up blinders and focus all efforts on creating a certain look and feel, but without assessing how that design will help reach business goals they’re severely missing the mark.

Our design team eschews this ideology and instead leverages market research and analytic platforms to facilitate a design foundation that will not only resonate well with your specific audience, but will also drive more leads or sales. Verticle Leap’s exhaustive analyses aren’t finalized until we test the outcome of the design modifications to ensure your business’ goals are being reached. Aesthetics are important, but secondary to market research and stringent testing.

A branding or design investment is not a frivolous expenditure, but rather one tied directly to marketing goals with Verticle Leap.

Verticle Leap’s Design Portfolio

Website Design
Your website is your virtual storefront and is responsible for reaching a new audience, providing information for an existing audience and, most importantly, driving leads or sales. Your website needs to look good for both search engines and visitors as well as drive revenue. As a design firm with a marketing specialty, Verticle Leap can reach both goals.

App Design
Your mobile application must serve a purpose and offer an experience that can’t be found on the mobile Web. Creating a redundant app experience is burning money. Our mobile app design experts understand the technical advantages of a mobile app versus the mobile Web and we’ll make an app design that works for your business.

Mobile Design
With one-third of the United State’s traffic on mobile devices it is past time for businesses to put the same thoughtful analysis into their mobile experience that they do into their desktop experience. In fact, in many categories mobile visitors are more likely to convert than their desktop counterparts. Verticle Leap will help you capitalize on this opportunity.

Landing Page Optimization
Don’t fall for speculative approaches and subjective designs of other design companies. Our experts exhaustively test landing pages to ensure that the design we leave you with gives you the best opportunity to reach your business goals.

Ecommerce websites have unique elements such as the transaction process that must be a part of the design and site taxonomy strategy. It’s also unwise to assume that replicating the successful structure of one ecommerce website will deliver success for another. Our experts concentrate on streamlining the user experience, plugging holes in the sales funnel and driving more transactions via your ecommerce site.

If you’re done listening to what other design companies want to do with your business’ design then contact Verticle Leap today and we’ll build a proposal around a design that reaches your business’ goals.