SEO ContentYou’re Not Going to Fool Google

In an age where Google has sent strong signals of devalued off-page ranking factors such as backlinks the on-page content of your site, or your SEO content, has grown in importance. Your site’s content has always been a very powerful ranking signal, but this was largely overshadowed due to the power allocated to backlinks in Google’s legacy. Backinks are still invaluable to an SEO campaign, but these are largely out of your control. In fact, if your backlinks are in your control then I suggest you review Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and set a course of action for risk mitigation. Google sent a strong signal that the gig was up and privately applied ranking penalties on thousands of website owners as well as publicly outed a few notable wrong-doers.

While the volatile nature of the search engine algorithms has been a struggle for many it has presented opportunities for businesses to gain top placements in search results and leverage their website to generate more sales by concentrating on an SEO signal they can control – their website’s content.

SEO Content – Digital Marketing with Sustainability at Its Core

Google and the other search engines will constantly be updating their algorithms. Signals driving results today could have website owners writing reconsideration requests next month. The one constant is that the search engines implement these changes to improve their search results – to improve the list of top websites they return to users for any given search query. Writing quality content for your website with a focus on the user and driving conversions as well as the search engines for SEO will support your marketing goals of increased visits and sales through organic search while protecting you from the unknown search engine algorithm updates.

What Is SEO Content?

Defining content written to positively influence search engine rankings is easiest explained by what it is not; SEO content is not stuffing your target keyword on the page as many times as you can. You will benefit from having your target keyword phrase on your website, but if your approach is to redundantly stuff this keyword then I suggest you revisit Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. SEO content is well-written content produced with the strategy of ranking for a theme of keywords.

Verticle Leap’s Approach to SEO ContentGoogleRemarketing

At Verticle Leap we understand the importance of having your target keyword phrases within your site’s content, but we are not at the mercy of this logic. While exact-match phrases for your keywords hold value, content built around the theme or topic of a page is going to resonate better with your site’s visitors and will give you the greatest opportunity to rank for semantic variations of your target keywords. Often times, these variations will be the highly desirable long-tail keyword terms with more specified keyword intent by the searcher. Search phrases you can’t possibly encompass in a narrowly focused SEO content strategy.

Our approach to SEO content isn’t limited to the page level. We look at the full taxonomy and internal linking of a site to ensure each page has a specific and unique purpose to avoid cannibalization of ranking value for any given topic of search phrases. Once there is a strong cohesion and synergy between all site pages your visitors and search engines alike will be able to better navigate your site and parse the data at an individual page level.

In this fickle search engine era your website’s content should be your top priority for an SEO campaign, which won’t have the potential of jeopardizing your long-term success. Contact Verticle Leap today for a free proposal and review of your website’s content.