Survey User Surveys Analysis

Revolutionizing an Old Concept

Market research is nothing new and is certainly not specific to Internet marketing. For years, market research has been leveraged by businesses large and small to guide their product and service portfolio, demographic/psychographic targeting, marketing budget allocation and advertising messaging and placement.

While the concept of market research is not revolutionary, Position Science’s approach to the collection of this quantitative data is. With years of market research experience under our collective belt, we have masteSurveys Research Your Marketred the art of obtaining quantitative data from a highly specific demographic and geographic pool at a cost, which will not cannibalize your marketing budget, but instead supplement it for optimal results. Our weapon of choice for this highly insightful quantitative data: the survey.

Surveys for Market Research

Surveys empower your company to gain insight from your target audience without having to offer specials or discounts associated with survey completion, which can often times skew results. Surveys allow you to reach as large of an audience necessary to identify trends and outliers to substantiate and gain actionable results from the quantitative?data.

Position Science Knows Surveys

Position Science can make surveys work for your business, large or small. We offer packages that can be customized to fit your businesses’ needs with scalable approaches and per-survey pricing. While the method of survey conduction is our proprietary process the data collected is your property. We provide our clients with all completed surveys as well as an accompanying expert analysis on the results bridging the gap between raw data and actionable data for your business.

Our proprietary method to survey conduction also enables us to be specific with target demographics and geos. Further demographic, geographic and psychographic information can be requested and provided on a per-survey basis for deeper data analyses.

Why Choose Position Science for Your Survey Market Research?

Cost, convenience and accuracy. To accurately assess your target market’s sentiment toward your business, messaging and products or services you have to step outside of normal market research pools. Enlisting your current customer base to complete surveys and incentivizing this process will not return valid, non-partial data. Your business needs an affordable solution to gaining insight from a large pool of your target audience and Position Science is your solution provider.

Contact Position Science today for further information concerning our survey methodology as well as a quote customized to fit your business’ market research needs.