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Shan Simmons

Chief Strategist — Search Marketing

Shan Simmons

Founder—Chief Strategist

Shan brings 16 years of experience to his interactive marketing efforts, which includes work with search giants such as Google where he was a user interface engineer for the pre-IPO Google as well as an executive technical editor and 31st employee at Ask Jeeves (now He gained valuable agency experience with companies such as 24/7 Real Media, and has worked with several notable brands to deploy successful online marketing campaigns, including The New York Times, Target, ABC, CNET, Chesapeake Energy Corporation, MSN, Macy’s, Yahoo! and Dell. Having agency-side, client-side and search-engine-side experience is key to Shan’s ability to help companies establish a strong Web presence. His work has touched upon the online experience of millions of people across the globe.

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Shan doesn’t just lean on past experience, but rather leverages his impressive resume and skill set to formulate strategic interactive marketing business plans that propel marketing success. Shan approaches every client relationship as a partnership and has an unrelenting commitment to the success of each business. Shan wears many hats; all of which are a natural fit thanks to such a robust and well-rounded knowledge base acquired through a successful career of exhaustive exploration and trial. Shan has established a foundation for which efficiency and scalability are inherent and a client-first business model, which should be a welcome relief for clients tired of the “turn and burn” nature of Verticle Leap competitors.

When Shan is not formulating or executing interactive marketing strategies he likes to spend his time pursuing his passion for the arts. Shan’s love for abstraction highlights his versatility and compliments the more empirical analysis he employs in  interactive marketing strategies. His ability to use shapes, colors, words and sounds to pique the interest and curiosity of others is perhaps his greatest asset in a business where many are incapable of being trailblazers because they allow industry norms to handicap their efforts. Shan is a gifted writer, designer and composer: attributes easily discernible by colleagues and clients alike.