Webinars: Creation and Promotion

Webinars are a great way to add to your online content and to educate people about your products, services or even your ideas. Webinars also provide opportunities for SEO – in that you can use them for link building and other forms of promotion. There are several options to consider when you set out to promote your webinar. But first, let’s figure out the topic of your webinar or how you will go about creating it.

If you need some ideas for rapid webinar content, here are some to consider:

1. narate a pre-existing Powerpoint and use it as a webinar
2. do a street survey where you ask people on the street about something topically relevant then provide visual commentary
3. do a walkthrough of something you know well like how to use the advanced features of a device
4. cover industry news and provide visual commentary
5. take an old webinar and provide important updates
6. provide a product comparison of your own products or yours next to competitors
7. find something you can competently critique and create a presentation around it
8. Take recent news and expand on the implications or potential outcomes

You’ll definitely benefit from any skills you may develop in regard to creating presentations. Image editing is a fundamental part of the presentation process, in most cases. So learn how to use image editing applications, or find someone who can work with you to provide the visual content. You may find that it’s faster to simply create the visual content yourself, as communicating your requirements and refining the work of another may be time-consuming. One great way to learn is to find someone to teach you how to create the visuals you want to create so that you can quickly do the work for yourself.

Invite guest speakers or presenters. The higher the profile in your industry or within your topic, the better.

Now that you have your content, here are some channels you might utilize when starting the process of promoting your webinar.

RSS Feeds – if you have regular webinars, place them in an RSS feed and distribute them
Emails – use your existing email communications to promote webinars or create an email campaign around the webinars
Press Releases – write a press release for new webinars and use press release distribution services
Twitter – tweet about your webinars and follow other webinarians
Facebook – share your webinars on facebook – embed them
Company or personal blog – blog about your webinars and embed them in your blog where appropriate
Podcast – consider making a podcast out of the webinar and listing it in podcast directories

Webinar listing resources:

EventSpan – www.EventSpan.com – Offers widgets that help promote events and registrations from websites as well as free submission to a webinar listing directory.

Webinar Base – www.WebinarBase.com – Basic listings are free.

Webinar Hero – www.WebinarHero.com – Free submissions to webinar calendar.

WebinarListings – WebinarListings.com – Basic listings are free.

Webinar Bucket – www.WebinarBucket.com – Free listings.

Webinar Promoter – www.WebinarPromoter.com